Customer service is of vital importance to us and we are keen to gain understanding of how excellent customer service contributes to the success thus our services result in a high level of satisfaction and encourages customers to return and to recommend Jawla Tours to others.

Jawla Tours realize that consistently high standards of customer service will ensure customer loyalty and improve business performance.  

We train our customer service team to

  • Understand the importance of providing excellent customer service in travel and tourism.
  • Know how Jawla Tours adapt customer service to meet the individual needs of customers
  • Be able to apply customer service and selling skills in travel services situations.
  • Provide efficient service; speed and accurate.
  • Consistency of offered travel products and services.
  • Customer data is secured in your hands internal & external.
  • How to treat with complaints and keep quality controlled.


We chose our staff whom have specific skills and ethics towards customers as

  • Good listeners to know customer’s specific needs.
  • Know the importance of treating customers as individuals.
  • Believe that the first impression is last impression.
  • Company image comes out of customer’s satisfaction.
  • Have wide knowledge of Travel products & services.
  • Well educated and self-motivated.
  • Do the extra-mile and exceed customers’ expectations.