We are Jawla Tours...

The young travel agency whom founded to provide the travelers with the best market deals all over the glob empowering them to experience and enjoy the wonders and sights of the world w

Through our unique multi lingual, multi currencies and 24/7 instant service support website; we connect travelers with the world’s largest inventory of complete selective products and services, new travel ideas, new incredible places to visit from the budget properties and packages to the top elite luxury collection.

Through our solid partnership with over than 350 global supplier and service providers within more than 10 major travel services and products; we are providing a speed powerful booking engine with very competitive rates to enables our customers getting their instant confirmations for their travel bookings.

   Our business concept

Out of our focus scope we consider that technology development and featured after-sales service are the main business concepts of our company, starting from keeping our system updated with the latest high level technology functions ending with instant 24/7 customer support service will put us in the first advanced position within the market and faraway of our competitors with many extra miles.

   The 1st step of the 1000 miles journey

We started our journey with solid innovative platform full of well selected products and services through the masters of the market wholesaler’s players and proudly our own direct contracted inventory of global hotel chains, so we can provide our customers with multiple travel services in 180 destinations in a very simple way.